We are a women-only health and fitness club.

About WAFA

We are a women-only health and fitness club; ‘We Are Fit Attitude’, a place that is intimidation-free, supportive and motivating so positive change can happen without ever feeling alone.

We work with women who are tired of a cycle of yo-yoing, gaining pounds each time. They are fed-up of hiding under dull, baggy clothes ashamed of what lies beneath, just wanting their mojo and confidence back for good.

We help women juggling a hectic schedule bring healthy living into the home that everyone can enjoy.
Our ultimate promise is to help women look in the mirror and say hell yes! I look and feel great today.

The WAFA Way

Our simple approach gets results using our 4 pillars to success

Dream Goal Setting & Habit Change Programme
Enjoy Nourishing Food & Drink
Positively Exercising The Body & Mind
Supported Every Step Of The Way By A Team And Other Women

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Founder of Women’s Health and Fitness Club; We Are Fit Attitude, or lovingly known as WAFA.

When I was just 17, I started my first diet with Weight Watchers. This was the beginning of decades of yo-yo dieting, jumping from one to another. I used exercise for all the wrong reasons too so that life was just unhappy and unhealthy. I lacked confidence, had low self-worth and I hated what stared back in the mirror. It held me back in life, love and work.

In my 40s I decided enough was enough and I tackled these problems. I retrained to become a health and fitness coach so that I could help women overcome yo-yoing for good.

Today I am strong, confident, no longer yo-yoing and am happy with what stares back.

Today, my promise to all women is to help them to look in the mirror and say hell yes!
Women live hectic lives so I have created an approach that is so simple it can fit into the busiest schedule and we get results. We are about life-time change, NOT quick-fixes and I can’t wait to show you how.

Our Success

We think WAFA is pretty special, but don’t just take our word for it. Have a watch below and listen to what some of our members have to say about their journey with us.

WAFA Programmes

The start of your journey with us is with our six-week programme; BodyFix-In-6. In that time expect to tone-up, feel great, gain confidence and start to fit back into your favourite clothes.

A STRONG COMMUNITY CULTURE THAT WOMEN LOVE with our private Facebook page and club app, making us all accountable, motivated and supported - the perfect tonic to get results.
A GOAL SETTING & HABIT BASED PROGRAMME MAKING YO-YOING A THING OF THE PAST. We create change that fits with your day-to-day to get life-long results.
SIMPLE NUTRITION GUIDANCE with full access to meal plans and quick-to-find recipes, making nutritious food enjoyable for everyone. No more fads.
A QUICK & EASY FITNESS PROGRAMME FOR ALL LEVELS TO TONE-UP problem areas. Watch your body visibly shape up!
LIVE WORKOUTS WITH A COACH AND OTHER WOMEN TO KEEP YOU MOTIVATED with catch-up anytime if you miss a class.
MINDSET AND LIFE WORKSHOPS helping the daily grind feel easier.
A 30 MINUTE 1-2-1 COACHING CALL CREATING A SOLID, PERSONALISED PLAN to reach your goals that fits with your life.
FULL SUPPORT WITH WEEKLY CHECK-INS one-to-one and in groups, keeping motivation levels high.
TRACKING & MEASUREMENT TOOLS IN OUR CLUB APP keeping everyone accountable to getting results.
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Longer-Term Membership, monthly, 6 month and annual

At WAFA we teach women that the quick-fix fad route doesn’t work as it simply encourages the continual yo-yoing with exercising and diet. We take a personalised approach where we build small, incremental habit changes so that goals are achieved that last a life-time.
Our best results are where women stay beyond the six weeks.

That’s why we offer monthly, six-month and annual membership.

Give us 6 weeks - we’ll make a positive change that you can see and feel mentally and physically.

Give us 6 months - we’ll transform your body and mind.

Give us a year - we’ll change your life.

Free Ebook

At WAFA we encourage a goal and habit based programme. That’s why we’ve written an ebook to help women live the life of their dreams.
To gain access to our invincible guide for you to create your dream goals and winning habits to get you there, click the link below.
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Book a discovery call today so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

Fill in the short form which literally takes two minutes and we’ll be in touch to arrange a convenient time to speak. Or you can go ahead and book a call using the calendar link.
Over the phone, we’ll go through where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. We can then see whether Bodyfix-in-6 the best solution for you.
All being well, we’ll get you signed up ready to start Bodyfix-In-6 next week. You’ll gain access to our workout schedule online, in-person or both (more on this below), and our extensive resources.

Through one-to-one support from the team, we help you create a plan to ensure you are focussing on the right areas to reach your goals. We’re here to support you every step of the way.
You’ll join us knowing that you’re in safe hands with our experienced team. We’ll host a special induction for you and other new members so that you can ease into your six-week programme intimidation free.

In six weeks expect to stand in front of the mirror saying hell yes! I look and feel great today!

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to start your journey with us

Where to find WAFA

A completely virtual programme done in the comfort of your home to suit the busiest women so there are no excuses not to factor in some valuable ‘you-time’.

We have a location at Mitcham Lane Baptist Church Hall In Tooting, London.

Mitcham Lane Baptist Church
230 Mitcham Ln,
SW16 6NT

You can choose to do online or do both online and in-person. We’ll decide during our discovery call.


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