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Happy New Year from We Are Fit Attitude!

As the festive season becomes a distant memory, we’re diving back into action with renewed energy and excitement. And what a way to kick off the year! We’re thrilled to share that We Are Fit Attitude has been featured in The Guardian once again!

It’s an incredible boost for us as a small business to receive such recognition, especially from the brilliant journalist Zoe Williams. Without any prompting from us, she highlighted our work in her article, bringing a smile to our members and the team. 

In her piece, Zoe outlines “12 easy, enjoyable steps to get seriously fit across a year,” and she includes a wonderful quote about our club:

“As your muscles get weaker, your posture will deteriorate, which is very ageing of itself, and your bones will become more vulnerable, which means more injury, more pain. Anna Jenkins does online coaching at WAFA – We Are Fit Attitude, a health and fitness club aimed at women aged between 40 and 60, and the members are evangelical. You will need kettlebells and resistance bands in the first instance. Probably, as you get more obsessive, you’ll find yourself in possession of a full set of weights.”

We absolutely love being described as evangelical about fitness! It’s a testament to the passion and dedication of our members. And guess what? Our eldest member is actually 77, proving that our support extends well beyond age 60. At We Are Fit Attitude, age is just a number. We believe in meeting you wherever you are on your fitness journey and helping you become stronger every day.

Read the full article [here]( ) and discover more about how you can take easy, enjoyable steps to get fit this year.

Here’s to a year of strength, empowerment, and health!