Our mission is to help you achieve your health goals and kick-start your ‘fit attitude’.
Are you ready to feel gorgeous?


How we feel about ourselves emotionally can get in the way of what we see physically and it’s what can prevent us from realising our full potential. At WAFA we change this negative mind-set. We show you that fitness is not just about improving body image – it’s also the key to feeling happier and more positive.

We believe that life is for living so we help you find ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, without the fear of missing out on what you enjoy. And that includes wine too… All of this comes joined together by the support of an amazing group of women who too, are working towards their own health goals.


I entered into the fitness industry quite late in my career life having previously worked in sales, marketing and events. I got into fitness in my 20s using exercise as a way to feel good, having, like many women, spent years lacking in confidence and self-esteem.

It was only in my 40s that I realised my true self-worth and it was then that I decided to retrain and become a personal trainer. Three years on and ‘We Are Fit Attitude’ (WAFA) is helping women feel gorgeous using the power of exercise, lifestyle and group support. A balanced lifestyle.




Based at The Moving Body in Balham, I am a structural osteopath who combines two decades of experience as a manual therapist and personal trainer to provide a unique approach to treating pain and injury, restoring full movement and getting my patients back to full health and fitness as fast as possible. Meet Barry here.



My therapy treatments are designed to provide healing and preventative measures to maintain your well-being and increase your performance levels. As an amateur athlete myself, I understand the importance of wanting to continue with training & competition. Regular massages focus on healing injuries, increasing mobility and range of motion. Use code ‘WAFA’ and pay £30 for your first massage. Contact Rebecca.



Richard Lepper, qualified hypnotherapist, helps people overcome negative thinking patterns. Hypnotherapy can complement an exercise regime, especially when low self-esteem is an issue. Contact Richard to find out more.

Gus Grima


I help busy women, double their energy, lose belly bloat and balance their hormones so that they can be free of mood swings, feel more positive and confident – and fit in their clothes better. All this, without feeling confused around food or depriving themselves of fun. Contact Gus to book a free 1 hour Body and Energy Discovery Session here.