Jane’s health journey with WAFA…

Published: 11/01/2019

‘I completed Bodyfix-in-6, six 6 week programme  just before Christmas and now a signed up monthly member. I am 51 and was in a spiral of weight gain and decreasing fitness.

I had bought expensive home DVD fitness programmes, but I needed group and moral support, I just wasn’t motivated to work out on my own. Joining Anna’s WAFA group is the best thing I have ever done for my health and well being, without a doubt!

In 8 weeks I have lost 9 pounds, but more importantly I am losing inches and fat at a good and motivating rate. I have lost 4 inches off my tummy circumference, 2 and a half inches off my waist and 2 and a half inches off my hips. I feel leaner, fitter and so much healthier.

I follow the healthy eating plan as a guide really, but what that and the nutrition app have helped me with is portion size and just to be so much more aware of what I am consuming and when. I do the High Intensity Interval Training sessions 3 times a week and although they are challenging, I get so much satisfaction afterwards that I don’t want to skip any training sessions or binge on unhealthy foods.

The training sessions are motivating, the other ‘girls’ are all just lovely and Anna is endlessly optimistic about everyone’s personal fitness capability and what can be achieved.

I wouldn’t say I am dieting or depriving myself in any way, I love food and eating out and red wine, but I now have a healthy balance and respect for what I put in my body and am exercising my body really well every week. If you want to kick start a fitter you, I really recommend WAFA, I have made lots of lovely new friends too!’

We are so proud of you Jane and can’t wait to see how you progress over the coming months! 🙂