Don’t medicate! Hydrate!

Published: 12/07/2018

Water is an absolute essential to being healthy. It’s only when I start to work with clients that often I discover how little they drink! So here’s a little reminder about why we should be drinking plenty throughout the day. If you don’t then simply try to have one glass, 20 mins before each meal .

We’re 60% water and lose it through breathing, sweating and digestion (even more so in this heat). Being thirsty is a sign of dehydration and it’s important to stay hydrated to help maintain balanced body fluids. These affect circulation, digestion, maintenance body temperature, transport of nutrients.’

So water really is the elixir of your life however if you think having 10 cups of tea or coffee every day will suffice, think again.

On top of drinking water before your meal I also recommend you put up to a pint of filtered water by your bed when you go to sleep. Upon awakening, drink it down before you do anything else. Boom – you’re some way to being hydrated for the day!

As a guide you should drink 1ml for each kcal you burn, so if you’re expending 1500kcals daily you need around 1.5l of water.

Watch caffeinated drinks like tea/coffee as these are diuretics which could mean you are losing water. Aim for 1-2 cups per day (although non-caffeinated herbal and fruit teas are fine).