Chilli Beet-Berry and Feta Dip

Published: 04/24/2018

I wasn’t sure if this would work by adding strawberries but it does! It adds a lovely sweetness to the dip and is perfect with a load of veg cruidites. This recipe makes a massive load, great for a party or BBQ with friends and family.

I also used the jalapeno peppers you buy in jars. So easy and tasty.

• 3 large beetroot (already packaged, juice drained)
• 100g feta cheese
• 4 large strawberries
• 10g jalapeno peppers (I like mine spicy so reduce or remove it you don’t)

To make:
Literally place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse to the consistency you prefer. I like mine a little grainy where you can taste the feta.