Veggie-Mess Healthy Recipe

Published: 12/12/2017

In recent months I’ve been training clients who have a vegetarian diet and so this veggie-mess is in honour of them. With a busy day personal training at Tooting Athletics Track, coupled with teaching spinning I needed to rustle something up that is super quick and nutritious, not to mention the perfect post-workout meal.

So without further ado, here’s my recipe for veggie-mess- ENJOY!

Serves 4

Veggie Mess Ingredients

• 2 eggs
• Chilli flakes (optional for egg)
• 1 chopped onion
• 400g frozen veg
• Coconut oil spray
• 1-2 tsp Harissa paste
• Wholegrain rice (mine is pre-cooked to save time)


Let eggs cool and slice into strips
Let eggs cool and slice into strips
Add onion and frozen veg
Add onion and frozen veg
Add in harissa, sausages and rice
Add in harissa, sausages and rice

How to make
1) Cook the veggie sausages in the oven as instructed
2) Whisk up the eggs in a bowl. Add chilli flakes if you like a little heat
3) Spray a frying pan with oil and pour egg mix in
4) Cook on both sides and set aside to cool
5) In a deep pan or wok, spray lightly with oil spray
6) Once the pan is hot, add onion and frozen veg. Cover and sweat for about 5 mins
7) Add 1-2 tsp of harissa paste depending on your taste-buds
8) Add your ready cooked rice and mix through
9) Cover pan for 1 min, allowing rice to soak up flavours
10) Slice up the egg into strips and add to the pan
11) Chop up and add the veggie sausages
12) Voila – ENJOY!

Veggie-mess healthy recipe