Speedy Protein-Powered Oat Recipe

Published: 21/04/2017

I’m on a mission to help my busy clients by creating quick, easy and nutritious recipe ideas. Today’s healthy recipe are oat based with a 20g power-packed protein boost. I have been experimenting with protein powder – a little hint – when buying whey protein powder always check that it is ‘undenatured’ as this should mean the protein is at its best to help with muscle growth and repair.

You can make a big batch of these oats and store them in the fridge. The recipe below was a meal however you can divide it up, add some fruit and have it as an afternoon snack especially if you tend to have that mid-afternoon #sweetcraving or you are #training in the evening. Enjoy!

I use The Protein Works protein powders.


• 50g gluten-free oats (for one portion or 3 snack portions)
• Boiling water – add enough to soak the oats
• Undenatured Diet Protein Powder – chocolate silk or strawberries and cream
• Lancashire fat-free plain yoghurt

How to make:
1. Put the oats into a bowl and add boiling water – about 2mm above the surface.
(there are optional extras below)
2. Leave oats to cool.
3. Whisk (you can use a fork) one portion of protein powder with the yoghurt.
4. Mix the oats with the yoghurt mix et voila!
5. Now add in whatever you wish to beef up your oats.

Optional extras to add into the oats:
– coconut flakes (for added sweetness)
– flax (extra fibre)
– skinny syrup

Optional toppings:
– seasonal fruit
– omega 3 seed mix