Time for Stopober – My top tips!

Published: 09/29/2016

A few of my friends and clients are doing ‘Stoptober’ in preparation for the festive period. In some cases this means no booze whilst for others it’s to stop smoking. I’d like to suggest that October is the month for us to all adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle so that you head into the festive season feeling ready to ‘pardee’!

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1. What’s your end goal? If you’re choosing to stop smoking or not drink then you’ll have to go cold turkey – sorry but there really is no alternative. However, to help, you might add the goal of becoming more active by taking on a new exercise, sport and eat more healthily. How about putting the right fuel and goodness into your body to perform and look the way you want? Why not? Give yourself the time and focus, to give your body a well-deserved MOT?!

2. Time to plan and research how you will achieve your goals. Keep it simple though. Research what’s happening in Tooting and the surrounding area. Let’s face it this town is buzzing with all manner of active things to get the heart pumping and body moving; from gym training to spinning, pilates, boxing, dance classes, yoga, bootcamp and loads more. One great way is to enlist the support of a personal trainer – that way you don’t have to go it alone.


You can find out more about what’s on in Tooting here.

3. Plan out a weekly diary of activity to keep your mind focused on the job. If you’re sitting at home watching TV or lazing around, you’re offering an open gate for old habits to creep back in (they’re determined little suckers). If you’re busy doing activities that require thinking and doing, then the habits are more likely to stay well away. Go on. Go get that diary and plan away!

4. Eat clean Monday to Friday with 5 basic steps.

· Reduce sugar intake – always read the label

· Reduce consumption of refined grains – anything that’s white is out

· Eat protein in moderation – more guidance here.

· Eat more fat! That’s right. Healthy fats are the new kid on the block.

· Eat more fibre to keep the insides moving.

The 80/20 rule. If this is all too much then simply keep a food diary. Download the myfitnesspal app onto your phone. It’s a godsend to track your food intake and keep within your calorie range. Most importantly it can help you get the right balance of carbs, protein and fats. Getting that bikini body takes a hell of commitment so if that’s really not you (like most of the UK), stick to an 80/20 rule ie. 80% of what you eat is based on fresh produce (meat, fish, veg, fruits, pulses, nuts, seeds) and 20% might be a little naughtier.


5. Take each day as it comes with ‘I will. I will. I will!’ That end goal might be long-term as opposed to a one month wonder which can feel daunting. So when you wake up each day tell yourself ‘I will’ get through today and ‘I will’ stick to whatever your goal is. That way if you fall off the wagon, rather than allow guilt to get the better of you, get a little cross with yourself but take the next day as a new one and start over. Just don’t make bad days become the norm!

6. Let your friends, colleagues and family know what you are doing. They need to understand you need their support to get through this. They will be tempted to take you off-piste so be clear that you want them to help you every step of the way.

7. And finally! Give yourself an end reward! Obviously you get the primary reward of feeling and looking more awesome as you head into the festive season, but what else? Plan a big treat or something that allows you to see the reward e.g. Choose a party outfit that’s a little tight now? If you’re a size 12, go and buy a size 10. If you’re a 36-inch waist, buy some 34-inch trousers. If you stick to your plan, you’re guaranteed to be able to get into that new outfit by Christmas.

So go embrace Stoptober. Let’s share our goals and support all Tootingites to succeed!

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If you’re doing Stopober and could do with some motivation, take a look at my latest personal training offer. Contact me if you would like to find out more.