Forming healthy partnerships locally

Published: 14/03/2016

As We Are Fit Attitude continues to grow in south-west London, our philosophy is about leading a healthy life without having to compromise too much on everyday living. After all we are lucky enough to be blessed with thriving communities where food is diverse and rich in variety.

What’s not to love about exploring the food delights on offer when we are relaxing at the weekend? As we train our clients at Tooting Bec Athletics Track and with both Artur and myself living in the area too, it makes sense to build our brand in the local area of Tooting. And it’s extremely exciting to watch how the area is changing for the good. Has anyone visited Tooting Market? New foodie places popping up offering all sorts of exciting foods.

So in the last week we’ve teamed up with Boom Bap Burger, coming up with a healthy meal option for around 550kcals, all of which will be revealed in this month’s blogpost with Tooting Daily Press where we are their resident fitness experts. So for now, guess away at what’s coming up. You’ll be the first to know when the surprise is out!