We Are Fit Attitude: Strong, confident women redefining perceptions of ageing. We keep on lifting, challenging and thriving for life!

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Welcome to We Are Fit Attitude, a women-only health and fitness club dedicated to empowering women to bring back their strength and confidence.

Whether you're a busy working mum, grandmother, a career-focused woman, or all of these, it's common to prioritise others while neglecting your own health and well-being, resulting in both physical and mental repercussions. At We Are Fit Attitude, we're committed to reshaping this narrative. We passionately believe that strength training and the right guidance to nurture our bodies at every stage of life is key. It's OK to put our self-care alongside others. 

Say hello to a stronger, more confident you, while continuing to care for those you love. We're here to challenge the misconceptions about aging and help redefine it as an opportunity for a healthier, thriving lifestyle. Bid farewell to the cycle of yo-yo dieting and inconsistent exercise routines, and welcome a supportive community that accompanies you on this transformative journey. Join a vibrant group of women who persistently lift each other up, confront challenges, and thrive in every aspect of life.


I am Anna Jenkins, founder of women's health and fitness club, We Are Fit Attitude, aka WAFA.

Like many women, I found myself trapped in a perpetual cycle of starting and stopping diets, grappling with an unhealthy relationship with food and my body, all intertwined with low self-esteem and confidence. It was in my 40s that I decided to embark on a journey of transformation, retraining as a health and fitness coach. Today, I'm dedicated to helping women break free from the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, fostering self-love, and building strength through the power of exercise.

As a personal trainer, I quickly observed that women often avoided the strength training area at the gym, opting for cardio machines instead as it's easy to just press 'start'. I could sense their intimidation and fear of the unfamiliar. Many also struggled with mobility issues that made getting to the floor challenging. This inspired the creation of my 'Sweat and Strength' group training programme, specifically designed for women to train comfortably at their own pace without ever needing to come to the floor until they are ready. The result? Women learn how to strength train, elevating their confidence, making what the scales are saying less important, all whilst developing the essential physical strength that's vital as they age.

At WAFA, our unwavering commitment is to offer an inclusive, intimidation-free, supportive, and motivating environment for women to engage in their fitness journeys, whether live online or in person. 

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The WAFA Way

Our simple approach gets results using our 4 pillars to success


At WAFA we aren’t all about before and after shots. We’re about the journey in between and beyond.

These women started where you are today, perusing a website to find a place where they can start their health journey. That’s hopefully where you come in, so that we can help you become like these women, our WAFA Warriors who a year on are happy and healthy.


We Are Fit Attitude stands out from typical gyms because we provide a comprehensive health solution for women. This includes continuous support from our team, available whenever you need assistance. Our approach keeps women motivated and accountable on their journey to better health.

Our Memberships

Many women come to us after multiple unsuccessful attempts to kick-start their health journey. Often, they've joined local gyms only to find themselves left to their own devices, or they've tried to go it alone. We understand that women need full support from the outset. That's why we begin with our six-week programme to help you get started. Rarely do you reach your ultimate health goal in that time, however we will establish the foundational groundwork. If our approach resonates during these six weeks, you can seamlessly transition to a long-term membership. It's that straightforward

Our services include…

A CLEAR ROADMAP TO USE TO START TOWARDS YOUR HEALTH GOAL with regular check-ins to assess your progress so you never feel alone.
TONE-UP, BUILD STRENGTH & GET BACK INTO YOUR FAVOURITE CLOTHES with our award winning 'Sweat & Strength' fitness programme that can be done at our Tooting location or live online. All you have to do is show up
BE CONSISTENT & MOTIVATED WITH ONLINE TRAINING TO GET RESULTS. Rarely with online do you get feedback because most coaches are live through Facebook or pre-recorded. You will be fully coached live by our female team so we can check your form whilst motivating you at the same time. 
NO MORE RESTRICTIVE DIETS THAT WE ALL KNOW DON'T WORK. We provide nutritional guidance with an emphasis on habit change rather than 'going on a diet'.
WE ARE AN ALL FEMALE TEAM AND COMMUNITY REMOVING THE INTIMIDATION A MIXED GYM CAN BRING, so you can exercise at your level without feeling self-aware, work up a sweat and feel the love and motivation an all female crew brings to get results.
NO GIVING UP AFTER WEEK 1 AS WE MAKE YOU ACCOUNTABLE AND SUPPORTED with weekly check-ins and being with other women on their own health journey too. You never feel alone.
BECOME THE EXPERT OF WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY TO BE YOUR BEST with our monthly mindset and nutrition workshops with experts in their field.
FEEL PART OF OUR COMMUNITY AND TRACK YOUR PROGRESS with our WAFA CLUB APP so we are always with you when you need us.
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Question Time: Gym Etiquette

Zoe Williams The Guardian asked our Founder Anna Jenkins some questions about gym etiquette. Having spent decades as a gym goer, then becoming a personal trainer at a local gym before starting group training with women, Anna had a lot to say...see what you think... 
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At WAFA we don’t do diets. We help women tune into their bodies, learning with our support and guidance how to reach their health goals in a long-term sustainable way that is diet-free.

We’ve created a simple guide to help you increase your understanding of calories, your calorie intake and how to manipulate the quality and quantity of them to fit with your own personal goals.
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Best option is to fill out the contact form or message us on 07888 869548.


Too busy to get to the gym or find the whole experience of in-person intimidating, yet really want to get fit and strong? Our online health and fitness programme is designed without having to step beyond your front door. Say goodbye to the common roadblocks that hinder your health and fitness goals. Embrace a new approach to online working out. Imagine the benefits of being in-person where you're supported and surrounded by like-minded women to achieve your health goals, all from the comfort of your home.


Our in-person programme mirrors online except we work out at our location, Mitcham Lane Baptist Church Hall In Tooting, London. With our hybrid offer you can get the best of both worlds by attending the hall and/or booking live.


Everyone's circumstances are different so the easiest way for us to consider what will be the best option for you is to arrange a call. Simply fill out our contact form and then we can be in touch with you. 



When women embark on their fitness journey with us, they often come to us after trying traditional gym memberships or going it alone, often without much success. It's a common experience to search for quick fixes or magic solutions, but we understand that real, sustainable change requires a different approach. Starting out can be intimidating, particularly for those with mobility issues that make certain exercises challenging. That's why our top priority is ensuring that whether a woman steps into our physical location or joins us online, she can work comfortably at her own pace and level. We're dedicated to making all women feel at ease from day one. At our core, we're all about educating women on what their bodies truly need for a healthier future self. While we understand the desire to feel good in one's clothes, we don't endorse restrictive diets solely for the purpose of losing weight. Instead, we take a sustainable, long-term approach that yields lasting results.
If you don't get the results, then you haven't followed the plan that we agree to. It's that simple. But look if you did EVERYTHING that we agreed and you don't get results, we'll give you your money back.
We are very proud of our 'Sweat and Strength' fitness programme as it's designed for all levels to build muscle and burn fat. If you struggle to get to the floor we cater for this. Our passion lies in getting all women exercising. Our workouts are done live throughout the week with our female PT qualified team, so we make sure you exercise in the right way. All you have to do is show up to class and we'll do the rest. Our motto? Make exercise doable and enjoyable for all women, with a little sweat thrown in.
We exclusively work with women, all of whom lead busy lives in various capacities, including our retired members who maintain active schedules. Our mission is to assist you in finding and prioritising the time for your well-being. We understand that once you establish a routine, you'll become hooked, and the notion of 'being too busy' will become a thing of the past me.
Don't be swayed solely by 'before' and 'after' photos when choosing your next health plan. While witnessing our members achieve their health goals, often including weight loss, is undeniably inspiring, it's essential to recognise the immense effort and dedication behind those transformations. In our experience, it can take our members anywhere from 3 to 6 months, or even longer, to reach their goals. Moreover, it's crucial to remember that women carrying extra weight can still be perfectly healthy, happy, strong and confident. Before committing to any programme, take a moment to thoroughly evaluate the offering. Does it genuinely align with your motivations and goals? If any doubt arises, and you're considering it solely due to 'before' and 'after' shots, it might be best to save your investment.
We aspire for be a catalyst for lifelong transformation. Our six-week programme is a crucial starting point, allowing both you and us to assess our compatibility in achieving your goals. Within these six weeks, our team works with you to instil a self-care routine that can fit with your busy schedule. If we can make this a success then we're on the right path to getting you the results you want. 75% of women who embark on our six-week programme transition into long-term membership—a testament to our dedication and effectiveness in guiding you toward your health journey.
Our six-week programme offers flexible pricing, ranging from £147 to £197. Unlike most gyms that provide space and equipment alone or fully automated online programmes that leave you to navigate the journey solo, we understand that women achieve their best results when they have the support of a community. Going it alone often leads to low motivation and, too often, abandonment of the programme. With us, you're never on your own as we have a dedicated all female team. We're there every step of the way, providing our expertise and guidance to ensure your success. We'll be your unwavering support when you need us most, and we'll be there to celebrate your victories with a high-five.
We have some members in their 30s and others 60+, however our main age range tends to be between 40 and 60 years.
You most certainly can. As we are an all female team whether you are online or in person at our church hall, you can safely take your hijab off to exercise.
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