Using the power of fitness, balanced lifestyle and group support we help women become their best selves.

Women's Group Fitness

We run weekly women only fitness sessions online and (post-lockdown) at Mitcham Lane Baptist Church Hall, Furzedown, London.

Are you ready to feel your best self?


  • positive review  I recently joined the WAFA group sessions and I LOVE them! The exercises are challenging and varied, I am already seeing and feeling the results. I really enjoy working along aside a group of incredibly supportive and friendly ladies and leave each session with a real burst of positive energy! Thank you Anna ?

    Lorraine Turner Avatar Lorraine Turner
  • 5 star review  It's an absolute pleasure training with Anna, she takes the time to spec out personalised fitness goals and adapts the program as you develop. Her insight and knowledge into fitness is very helpful and training is a joy to attend. Highly recommended :)

    Andy Lawrence Avatar Andy Lawrence
  • 5 star review  I was so nervous before signing up for the Body Fit In 6 work out. However after speaking to Anna on the phone before even agreeing to start the course she put my mind at ease. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 4 weeks we have done so far. I feel so much healthier, fitter and better about my body. Anna will help you with the exercises during the classes, but she doesn’t just stop there she helps with nutrition, positive thinking and extra work outs you can do at home. Anyone who knows me would be shocked to know that I am excited to get up for a 6.30am work out. Anna has changed me for the better and I am continuing with her after the 6 weeks. Thoroughly recommend! Thank you Anna.

    Hannah Bick Avatar Hannah Bick
  • positive review  I joined Anna about 8 weeks ago. Initially I started on her 6 week Bodyfixin6 programme & then I converted into a WAFA member. So why do I recommend Anna? Well, I was unfit, I didn’t exercise, I ate badly & I drink too much. Combined with working long hours I knew things needed to change & I needed to take control back. But I didn’t know how. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life & looking for help to change. When I joined WAFA, Anna talked me through healthy eating that fits in with my life - I do food tracking. She adapts exercises to your ability & generally pushes you - but the right amount! Bizarrely I find it helpful to be pushed sometimes or else I get lazy, especially when I’m tired. I really enjoy the classes we do. Who knew I’d be prepared to workout at 06:30 & dash straight to the office, but I do! Over the 6 weeks I attended all but one class & I tracked my food. I lost 13lbs, but what I call my ‘fat photos’ are what shock me the most. The change in my body shape is unreal - I found a waist ☺️ I still have a long way to go to get fit, lose weight & build strength. But, I’ve started & importantly I’m succeeding. Sure, you have to decide to make change, but it’s so easy to give up & that’s where Anna (& everyone in class comes in). The classes are fun, you motivate each other, bounce ideas off each other, share recipes & enjoy everyone’s success. You also feed off of your own & once it starts working - you want more. If you’re reading these reviews, you’re already thinking about making a change. My advice would be stop thinking about it & sign-up.

    Karen Perry Avatar Karen Perry
  • 5 star review  Anna is a fantastic trainer. Bubbly enthusiastic and above all genuinely caring and kind. Although I could not complete my bodyfixin6 Anna was completely supportive and helpful throughout and has genuinely given me some valuable tips and hints that I would not have thought about or known about before! Highly recommend xx

    Natalie Gawrysiak Avatar Natalie Gawrysiak