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Women-only health and fitness club. We Are Fit Attitude is a movement to empower women of all ages to love their bodies and stay fit and strong. Together we can.
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We Are Fit Attitude is a women-only health and fitness club. We are a place that is intimidation-free, supportive and motivating so that women get results that go beyond what the scales say without ever feeling alone.

We work with women who are tired of a cycle of yo-yo dieting and exercising, gaining pounds every time. Often they have a wardrobe of their favourite clothes hiding as they simply don’t fit anymore which can lead to low confidence and losing their mojo.

Our goal is to ensure all our women are happy and healthy from the inside-out, for life.

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For Anna Jenkins, founder of women's health and fitness club, We Are Fit Attitude (WAFA), from an early age was caught up in the diet culture.

Like many women she was forever stopping and starting a diet and living with an unhealthy relationship with food and her body, all intrinsically linked to low self-esteem and confidence. In her 40s she decided to retrain as a health and fitness coach so that today she helps women break yo-yo dieting, learn to love their bodies and be fit and strong using the power of exercise.

After starting out as a personal trainer, she quickly discovered that many women avoided strength-based exercise because they didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge to use weights. This experience inspired her to start weekly group sessions at Mitcham Lane Baptist Church in Tooting, London. 6 years on, post pandemic, WAFA also has an online programme too, helping mainly women 45+ to learn how to exercise in the right way that builds strength, an important component to our good health in the menopausal stage of our lives. A key focus of WAFA is to provide an inclusive, intimidation-free, supportive, and motivating space for women to exercise in, whether online or in the hall.

Her fitness programme caters to all levels so that women who struggle to get to the floor are still able to get moving. All women start on a six-week programme, which helps get them going on their fitness journey.


At WAFA we aren’t all about before and after shots. We’re about the journey in between and beyond.

These women started where you are today, perusing a website to find a place where they can start their health journey. That’s hopefully where you come in, so that we can help you become like these women, our WAFA Warriors who a year on are happy and healthy.


We Are Fit Attitude is different to most gyms as we offer a full package for women to reach their health goals which includes ensuring you are supported throughout your time with us. That means you have our team there at any time to help you with your journey. It’s how we help women stay motivated and accountable to commit to their health.

Our Memberships

We offer an initial six-week programme to get you started. That way we have enough time to see if we are a good fit for each other to continue with your health goals. All being good, there is the option to continue with us on our monthly or six-month packages. Our prices vary so these will be discussed should you wish to talk further.

Our services include…

​​CREATING A PERSONALISED PLAN THAT FITS WITH YOUR GOALS & LIFESTYLE with regular one-to-one coaching calls to assess and ensure you are progressing.
TONE-UP, BUILD STRENGTH & GET BACK INTO YOUR FAVOURITE CLOTHES with our award winning 'Sweat & Strength' fitness programme that can be done at our Tooting location or online. All you have to do is show up
BE CONSISTENT & MOTIVATED WITH ONLINE TRAINING TO GET RESULTS. You have to book your place via our cub app. Better still, all classes are two-way with the coach there to guide you and support you directly. No Facebook lives.
NO MORE RESTRICTIVE DIETS THAT WE ALL KNOW DON'T WORK. We create a nutritional plan and all resources that focus on changing habits rather than putting you 'on a diet'.
WE ARE AN ALL FEMALE TEAM AND COMMUNITY REMOVING THE INTIMIDATION A MIXED GYM CAN BRING, so you can exercise at your level without feeling self-aware, work up a sweat and feel the love and motivation an all female crew brings to get results.
NO GIVING UP AFTER WEEK 1 AS WE MAKE YOU ACCOUNTABLE AND SUPPORTED with weekly check-ins and being with other women on their own health journey too. You never feel alone.
BECOME THE EXPERT OF WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY TO BE YOUR BEST with our monthly mindset and nutrition workshops with experts in their field.
FEEL PART OF OUR COMMUNITY AND TRACK YOUR PROGRESS with our WAFA CLUB APP so we are always with you when you need us.
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At WAFA we don’t do diets. We help women tune into their bodies, learning with our support and guidance how to reach their health goals in a long-term sustainable way that is diet-free.

We’ve created a simple guide to help you increase your understanding of calories, your calorie intake and how to manipulate the quality and quantity of them to fit with your own personal goals.
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Book a discovery call today so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

Fill in the short form which takes less than a minute. We’ll be in touch to arrange a discovery call to see how we can help you.
During our call we'll chat through your goals, challenges and how we can help you get the results you want.
All being good, we’ll get you signed up to start our six-week programme, Bodyfix-In-6 on Monday. Just think, this time next week you could be working out with us and starting your exciting journey of change!
Know that you will be in safe hands with our experienced team. We’ll host an induction for you and other new members so that you can ease into your six-week programme.

In six weeks expect to stand in front of the mirror saying hell yes! I look and feel great today!
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Book a discovery call today so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

Our Memberships

A complete online health and fitness programme that can be done from the comfort of your home. Making excuses becomes a thing of the past because you can make valuable ‘you-time’ without it impacting your day-to-day.


Our in-person programme mirrors online except we work out at our location, Mitcham Lane Baptist Church Hall In Tooting, London.

What's the best membership for you?

Don't worry. We'll cover this in our discovery call to find the best fit for you. First you have to apply. Why not do it now so we can take the next step and book a discovery call.
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