The Starfish Spinning Marathon

Spinning Marathon_1

When I’m not training clients, you’ll likely find me teaching spinning as I simply love this form of exercise especially when your clients are totally absorbed in the ride with you. So I jumped at the chance of helping with The Starfish Spinning Marathon where I will be riding with a group of people brave… Read more »

Go for HIIT!


This month, we’d like to talk all about High Intensity Interval Training, a process where you take yourself out of your comfort zone and push yourself to a point where the heart races and the muscles burn. It hurts and it’s tiring, we know (we do it ourselves when training) – but whilst it might… Read more »

A special bond: client and personal trainer


Having started We Are Fit Attitude less than a year ago, for me as Founder, taking the decision to become a personal trainer has proven to be one of the most rewarding occupations. On the days I am training clients (I have two other jobs while the company grows), I wake up on those days… Read more »

Forming healthy partnerships locally

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As We Are Fit Attitude continues to grow in south-west London, our philosophy is about leading a healthy life without having to compromise too much on everyday living. After all we are lucky enough to be blessed with thriving communities where food is diverse and rich in variety. What’s not to love about exploring the… Read more »

Healthy food to fuel your workout!


In this month’s blogpost, we talk about carbs, proteins and what balance of these macronutrients you should consume in your food, before and after high intensity interval training (HIIT) or a strength workout. The image here is of a pre-workout breakfast of black pudding, egg, beetroot and asparagus – high in protein, low in carbs… Read more »

Here’s to ladies who lift!

Ladies who lift

Our latest ‪fitness‬ blogpost for Tooting Daily Press from myself and Artur – we give our pennies worth on why women shouldn’t shy away from weight training for fear of bulking out. So if you want to look good in clothes but even better without, read on here.

Get fit for life, not just for January

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It’s almost that time of year when we start to think about our New Year’s Resolutions. And for many, fitness will be at number 1 choice after pure indulgence and consumption! Whether you’ve decided to go it alone, join the gym, enlist a personal trainer or set about group training, Artur and I would like… Read more »

Suzy’s personal training experience


As a personal trainer; you are only as good as the clients you train and who achieve their desired goals you’ve set together. Over the past six weeks I have trained Suzy, who wanted to pick up running however suffered with lower back pain. We set about a strength programme to enable her body to… Read more »

Become a lean, mean, well-oiled fitness machine!


We’re always amazed how, in January, many people with a guilty conscience following an over indulgent Christmas (and why not?) decide it’s time to get fit! There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a great idea! However it’s only a great idea if, like getting a car ready for the road, you’ve got your body… Read more »

#BeatTheChristmasBulge (before it starts)!


From Sunday 18th October for 6 weeks, WAFA would like to help you ‘Beat The Christmas Bulge’ (before it starts) and get your body fit for the party season. Come December, it’s the start of Christmas celebrations! Hooray! Time to drink, be merry, sink a few too many, munch into the mince pies, laugh with… Read more »