For the love of Beetroot!


By all accounts and from personal experience, a good dose of beetroot is good to have before exercise as it contains betaine, magnesium, antioxidants and nitrates. Now nitrates are key here because once in the body they convert to nitric oxide which is known to relax blood vessels, which then increases blood flow allowing oxygen… Read more »

Spinning for breakfast? Hell yeah!


I appreciate the thought of getting out of bed in the dark, at the ungodly hour of 6am and heading to a spinning class on an empty stomach might seem unthinkable. For the last few weeks I have been doing just that, including a 20 minute bike ride to get to the studio. I’m not… Read more »

Time for Stopober – My top tips!


A few of my friends and clients are doing ‘Stoptober’ in preparation for the festive period. In some cases this means no booze whilst for others it’s to stop smoking. I’d like to suggest that October is the month for us to all adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle so that you head into the… Read more »

Count chemicals, not calories! Introducing nutritionist Gus Grima

Gud Grima_1

Woo hoo! It’s summer! Time to don the summer attire. Does this prospect fill you with dread? It needn’t. This month, we have partnered up with Gus Grima, Nutritionist at Be Marvellous based in Tooting with some proven tips that you can incorporate, alongside your Get F-Hiit for Summer fitness routine that will have you… Read more »

Ritherdon Road Street Party, Sunday 22nd May


We’re bursting with excited energy because we are joining this year’s annual Ritherdon Road Street Party, which happens Sunday 22nd May. There will be a music stage, tons of local entertainment and over 50 stalls packing the road, one of which will be us! Please come and say hello and meet myself and Artur. You… Read more »

From ‘dad bod’ to ‘fit bod’

Dad Bod to Fit bod

For you guys aged 30+, standing in front of the mirror, staring at your paunch…don’t panic! You’re still attractive! Last summer, the ‘dad bod’ was hailed as the new, sexy alternative to the six pack, for any man (Leonardo Dicaprio got top spot) who had honed his one pack of soft, squidgy, cuddly flesh. So… Read more »

The Starfish Spinning Marathon

Spinning Marathon_1

When I’m not training clients, you’ll likely find me teaching spinning as I simply love this form of exercise especially when your clients are totally absorbed in the ride with you. So I jumped at the chance of helping with The Starfish Spinning Marathon where I will be riding with a group of people brave… Read more »

Go for HIIT!


This month, we’d like to talk all about High Intensity Interval Training, a process where you take yourself out of your comfort zone and push yourself to a point where the heart races and the muscles burn. It hurts and it’s tiring, we know (we do it ourselves when training) – but whilst it might… Read more »

A special bond: client and personal trainer


Having started We Are Fit Attitude less than a year ago, for me as Founder, taking the decision to become a personal trainer has proven to be one of the most rewarding occupations. On the days I am training clients (I have two other jobs while the company grows), I wake up on those days… Read more »

Forming healthy partnerships locally

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As We Are Fit Attitude continues to grow in south-west London, our philosophy is about leading a healthy life without having to compromise too much on everyday living. After all we are lucky enough to be blessed with thriving communities where food is diverse and rich in variety. What’s not to love about exploring the… Read more »