Sweeeet treats without the sugar

I quit sugar in January; refined sugar that is. To help me get through it I started with a detox with my clients to become more ‘mindful’. Since then I’ve been experimenting with sweet alternatives. Here’s my little creation I rustled up today for breakfast before putting my personal trainer hat on.

If you read my blogposts you’ll know I am a little partial to a pancake so allow me to present my ‘Sweeeeeet f***ing pancakes’ sushi stylee recipe – yes rude I know but when I tasted them it’s what came to mind!

They helped satisfy the sweet cravings, are packed with protein and nutrients – far more than those you’ll be consuming on pancake day.
These will keep you fuelled for the morning and some. And as they’re sliced into little sushi style morsels, you can pack them up for a snack when you’re at work. En-f***ing-joy!

Sweeeeeet f***ing pancakes

Batter mix:
• 1 egg
• 1 scoop of vegan protein powder
• 2 tbs Almond milk (unsweetened)
• 1 tsp chia seeds
• ½ tsp stevia

1 tsp coconut oil (for frying)

• 50g Lancashire Farm fat free yoghurt
• 2 tsp my ‘Chockie Avocado Spread’ (recipe below)
• 1-2 tsp Meridian coconut and almond spread

To be honest you can add whatever you fancy to these.

How to cook

For the pancake:
1) Whip up the batter mix – it should slowly dribble off your spoon.
2) Melt coconut oil in a large frying pan.
3) Pour batter mix into the pan and spread round the pan.
4) Flip over once the underside turns a golden brown.

For the topping and slicing:
1) Put the pancake onto a flat surface.
2) Spread the yoghurt around the pancake.
3) Add the ‘Chockie Avocado Spread’ across the middle of the pancake.
4) Loosely roll the pancake up like a swiss roll.
5) Turn pancake edge needs to face the flat surface.
6) Cut the roll into slices around an inch thick – think sushi stylee
7) Spoon small amounts of the ‘Meridian coconut and almond spread’ into the middle of the sushi pieces
8) And demolish!


Chockie Avocado Spread
In a nutribullet blend OR if avocado really ripe just whip the following up with a fork:
• one avocado
• 6 tbs of almondmilk
• 3 tbs of cocoapowder
• 1 tsp stevia but keep adding until you’re happy with the sweetness
I recommend that you just slowly add the cacao powder and stevia until you are happy with the taste.

Nutritional Value:
According to ‘myFitnessPal’ nutrition as follows:
• 392 kals
• 56% (25g) fat
• 28% (25g) protein
• 15% (15g) carbs

Before you panic about the fat content, remember these are good fats and can help with your cholesterol levels on the basis you’re not having the pancakes alongside sweets, cakes and the like.