Sort-of Kedgeree Super Healthy Recipe

In recent months I have been researching intermittent fasting and the benefits of incorporating it into your daily life. I’ll save the ‘how to’ and benefits for another day so that I don’t waste time getting to this delicious post-fast/workout meal. I had fasted for 16 hours and finished it off with a 6KM run just to help shift some more unwanted fat. I might be a personal trainer but I still have a little layer of stubborn fat so I’m using this method of watching what I eat, exercising and fasting to rid it once and for all.

So back to this meal post-workout. I needed a good balance of carbohydrate to replenish the lost glycogen (energy) stored in my muscles, protein to ensure my muscles stay with me (rather than get broken down for energy) and fats to help with brain and overall cell growth. This dish absolutely ticked all these boxes and I’m pleased to say it took no more than 20 minutes to prep, cook and eat.

As you know my focus is always on creating meals that are quick, tasty and nutritious. Today’s ‘Sort-of Kedgeree’ ticked all the fasting/exercise replenishment boxes however instead of using rice, I already had my weekly box of bulgar wheat to use instead.

On a Sunday or Monday I tend to cook a main carb source in a big batch like rice, buck wheat, quinoa, bulgar wheat or cous cous. That way I don’t have to faff around cooking when I’m tired from work. I tend to have some meat, fish or various veg sat in the fridge ready too for chucking together to create my meal (check out my roast chicken recipe). Oh and always boil a load of eggs. They are great as a snack and perfect as that added extra to many meals.

So here it is, the recipe for my ‘sort-of kedgeree’. Enjoy!


• 2 tsp coconut oil
• 100g smoked haddock
• 1 boiled egg
• 80g bulgar wheat (cooked)

Chopped up:
• 1 spring onion
• Broccoli (uncooked and about a handful)
• Asparagus (cooked)
• ½ tsp red chilli
• ½ tsp cumin
• 3 tbsp water
• Salt to season

Stage 1
1) Chop up the broccoli, spring onion and asparagus and place aside
2) Weigh out the smoked haddock (because of the egg you could wind up overdoing the protein content)
3) On a medium heat, place 1 tsp of coconut oil into a hot pan


4) Once the oil has melted, add the smoked haddock skin side down and cover for about 3 minutes (until it starts to brown)
5) Turn the haddock skin side up
6) Add 1 tbsp of water and then cover the haddock with a lid so that it cooks through. It should take about another 5 minutes. If you’re not sure, separate the flesh in the middle. It should be a white colour all the way through and flake away easily)
7) Remove the haddock from the pan


Stage 2
8) In the same fish pan, add 1 tsp coconut oil.
9) Once melted, add the chilli, cumin, broccoli,spring onion and asparagus into the pan
10) Allow to cook for a minute and then add the other 2 tbsp of water, then cover the veg with a lid to steam through for about 3 minutes (I like my broccoli crunchy)
11) Add the bulgar wheat, allowing the mix to cook until the water has disappeared.
12) Flake in the haddock. Season with salt (only if it needs it – haddock is very salty)
13) Put all the mix into a bowl and place your boiled egg on top.
14) Now sit down with a fork and enjoy – focus only on the flavours and eating slowly and mindfully.