Chilli Beet-Berry and Feta Dip

I wasn’t sure if this would work by adding strawberries but it does! It adds a lovely sweetness to the dip and is perfect with a load of veg cruidites. This recipe makes a massive load, great for a party or BBQ with friends and family. I also used the jalapeno peppers you buy in… Read more »

Chocolate Ginger Bake Recipe

This is a great snack to have post workout – even the dog wanted it. It’s all natural and gives a good balance of carbs, fats and protein. I used cacao powder so the bake has quite a bitterness to it which I love because I adore dark chocolate. If you’re less keen then halve… Read more »

Mackerel Delight Recipe

Literally the most tasty snack or meal; Mackerel Delight which contains Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that is; good for your skin, helps your memory and to sleep better, lowers blood pressure and helps to prevent heart disease. What’s not to love too as this is also packed with protein an essential component to… Read more »

Chocolate Orange Muffin Recipe

These muffins will help you see in the dark! Not really….but the carrot in them contains vitamin A which helps improve immunity to illness and protects the skin and eye health. This is yet another healthy recipe that can be knocked up and cooked within 30 mins; 10 mins prep and 20 mins cooking. Most… Read more »

Vicky Nutrition Baked Blueberry Porridge Recipe

I follow Vicky Nutrition in instagram and when she posted this bake I literally jumped at the chance of having a go. As a personal trainer I am always looking for healthy recipes to share with my clients. This bake is the perfect to satisfy that sweet craving. I’ve made two batches now and I’ve… Read more »

Summer-pea-courgetti recipe

Oh my goodness! When you taste this you’ll wonder why you ever buy ready-made sauces and dips because this little number will have your mouth-watering and your body craving for all its goodness. It’s packed with a heap of nutrients and you can eat to your heart’s content and happiness, literally! For the pea sauce… Read more »

Speedy Protein-Powered Oat Recipe

I’m on a mission to help my busy clients by creating quick, easy and nutritious recipe ideas. Today’s healthy recipe are oat based with a 20g power-packed protein boost. I have been experimenting with protein powder – a little hint – when buying whey protein powder always check that it is ‘undenatured’ as this should… Read more »

Choc-protein brownies – it’s snack time!

The perfect mid-morning/afternoon guilt-free snack packed with protein… Recently I have been upping my consumption of protein as I start my training for The London Triathlon. Your body can really only absorb around 20g of protein at any given time but it’s essential for muscle growth and repair. As your exercise intensity level goes up,… Read more »

Sweeeet treats without the sugar

I quit sugar in January; refined sugar that is. To help me get through it I started with a detox with my clients to become more ‘mindful’. Since then I’ve been experimenting with sweet alternatives. Here’s my little creation I rustled up today for breakfast before putting my personal trainer hat on. If you read… Read more »

For the love of Beetroot!

By all accounts and from personal experience, a good dose of beetroot is good to have before exercise as it contains betaine, magnesium, antioxidants and nitrates. Now nitrates are key here because once in the body they convert to nitric oxide which is known to relax blood vessels, which then increases blood flow allowing oxygen… Read more »