Wild Garlic and Pea Pesto

When in season (March to June), wild garlic is fantastic and best of all free so get yourself to the country and start picking! This pesto is particularly good mixed in with courgetti and with a sprinkling of peas. I used heaped tablespoon for my portion. Makes about 7 servings Ingredients: • 200g wild garlic… Read more »

Roasted Pepper Tommy Dip

Having just spent my honeymoon skiing and over-indulging in delicious french cuisine, my body is craving my usual diet. I fancied an alternative to houmous, so on my slow hobble to the local supermarket I got my mind creating and came up with this ‘Roasted Pepper Tommy Dip’. It’s a little misleading as I added… Read more »

Mustard Lime Dressing

I’m trying to help my clients to choose/make healthy dressings for salads rather than opting for mayonnaise and salad cream. So I’m now creating a collection of dressing selections which are easy to whip up and far better for you. This mustard lime dressing is great with fish and salad. Enjoy. Ingredients: • Juice of… Read more »

Mum’s Tomato Sauce

Come summer my Mum’s house is awash with tomatoes from my Step-Dad’s allotment. This is her recipe (although I add in the peppers) and it’s an absolute winner! As most of my clients are busy with work and life in general, I like to come up with recipe ideas that are quick and easy to… Read more »

Date Sauce – the alternative sweetener

It’s official! I have a sweet tooth. Admitting it is the first step to alleviating an addiction right? OK I am not about to cut out sugar…yes I know I am a Personal Trainer but there are some luxuries in life that aren’t worth excluding and sweet food is one of them. That said I… Read more »