Mackerel Delight Recipe

Literally the most tasty snack or meal; Mackerel Delight which contains Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that is; good for your skin, helps your memory and to sleep better, lowers blood pressure and helps to prevent heart disease. What’s not to love too as this is also packed with protein an essential component to… Read more »


Lemony-Coconutty Yoghurt Recipe

My naturopath friend Alli recently commented (rightfully so) on some of my messages in social media… “Stop using the term ‘low-fat’”. She’s an expert when it comes to nourishing your body with foods so she was absolutely right! In my defense I’ve had years of being told that we should have low-fat, low-calorie ‘diets’ (another… Read more »


Veggie-Mess Healthy Recipe

In recent months I’ve been training clients who have a vegetarian diet and so this veggie-mess is in honour of them. With a busy day personal training at Tooting Athletics Track, coupled with teaching spinning I needed to rustle something up that is super quick and nutritious, not to mention the perfect post-workout meal. So… Read more »

Veggie-mess healthy recipe

Vicky Nutrition Baked Blueberry Porridge Recipe

I follow Vicky Nutrition in instagram and when she posted this bake I literally jumped at the chance of having a go. As a personal trainer I am always looking for healthy recipes to share with my clients. This bake is the perfect to satisfy that sweet craving. I’ve made two batches now and I’ve… Read more »

Vicky Nutrition Baked Blueberry Porridge

Thai-coconut salmon

After a week’s hen do, it is time to re-balance and get back to healthy eating. And it needs to be done quickly as I have so much work to catch up on with setting client programmes and generally running my own business. So what better way to start than with this little fishy number… Read more »

Thai Coconut Salmon

Sort-of Kedgeree Super Healthy Recipe

In recent months I have been researching intermittent fasting and the benefits of incorporating it into your daily life. I’ll save the ‘how to’ and benefits for another day so that I don’t waste time getting to this delicious post-fast/workout meal. I had fasted for 16 hours and finished it off with a 6KM run… Read more »


Roast chicken, stock & soup – make the most of your bird

Chicken is such a versatile bird and utterly full of goodness. I’m going to show you how to take your Sunday roast chicken and transform the leftovers into a food base for many meals to come – nothing is wasted, and you’ll be sorted for meals all through the week. I’ll take you through roasting… Read more »

Roast Chicken

Summer-pea-courgetti recipe

Oh my goodness! When you taste this you’ll wonder why you ever buy ready-made sauces and dips because this little number will have your mouth-watering and your body craving for all its goodness. It’s packed with a heap of nutrients and you can eat to your heart’s content and happiness, literally! For the pea sauce… Read more »


Saussies, mushroom & pea frittata

This taste sensation is something that can be cooked on a Sunday and then kept in the fridge for other meals throughout the week. This comes with a warning though….it’s pretty tasty and so temptation to have more than a slice will be there. That said it’s full of goodness so don’t worry too much!… Read more »

Saussies, mushroom & pea frittata

Sweet-potato and blackbean cuzza recipe

As I continue my celebration of my ‘Mum’s tomato sauce, I created this healthy recipe for my veggy #clients whom I’ve neglected somewhat! Sorry! If you already have a batch of ‘Mum’s tomato sauce’ in the freezer, then get it out and let it thaw. This yummy sweet potato and black-bean curry will take around… Read more »

sweet potato & black bean stuffed red peppers