Frozen Banana, Cherry and Date Surprise Recipe

We all know what it’s like to have a sweet craving and when it’s summer you can’t beat an ice-cream! However we also know this is loaded with sugar and very little in the way of any nutrients so I’ve solved this problem with this frozen dessert. There’s still sugar in the fruits however at… Read more »

Berry Good Dessert

This is a particularly spring like dessert packed with goodness with a hint of gingery spice to tingle the tongue. Serves one Allow a couple of hours to make the ginger/date sauce. Ingredients: For the date sauce • 100g stoned dates • 10g finely grated fresh ginger • Boiling water For the rest of the… Read more »

Lemony-Coconutty Yoghurt Recipe

My naturopath friend Alli recently commented (rightfully so) on some of my messages in social media… “Stop using the term ‘low-fat’”. She’s an expert when it comes to nourishing your body with foods so she was absolutely right! In my defense I’ve had years of being told that we should have low-fat, low-calorie ‘diets’ (another… Read more »