Overnight Ginger, Apple and Blueberry Oats Recipe

There are some nutritionists I love to follow especially those close to me in Tooting. Alex who is Founder of Nutrition For Life is no exception. She creates fantastic healthy recipes and I draw inspiration from her ingredients. Today’s overnight oats are no exception. I was sold on shredded apple and then added in a… Read more »

Porridge, Not Porridge Recipe

A healthy gluten free porridge without the oats. If you’ve not eaten chia seeds before, these are a great source of protein however when mixed with liquid they expand and tend to create a slimy-esque consistency. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea so just giving you a heads up. In this recipe I added in… Read more »

Saussies, mushroom & pea frittata

This taste sensation is something that can be cooked on a Sunday and then kept in the fridge for other meals throughout the week. This comes with a warning though….it’s pretty tasty and so temptation to have more than a slice will be there. That said it’s full of goodness so don’t worry too much!… Read more »

Speedy Protein-Powered Oat Recipe

I’m on a mission to help my busy clients by creating quick, easy and nutritious recipe ideas. Today’s healthy recipe are oat based with a 20g power-packed protein boost. I have been experimenting with protein powder – a little hint – when buying whey protein powder always check that it is ‘undenatured’ as this should… Read more »

Protein Powered Chocolate Bulgarwheat Brekkie

I made this to have post run as it’s packed with protein to help with muscle recovery and carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores (energy) in the muscles. As this keeps for a good few days, I tend to make a larger batch that I can dig into to save on time. And you don’t have… Read more »