Don’t medicate! Hydrate!

Water is an absolute essential to being healthy. It’s only when I start to work with clients that often I discover how little they drink! So here’s a little reminder about why we should be drinking plenty throughout the day. If you don’t then simply try to have one glass, 20 mins before each meal… Read more »

Fit Attitude first and the Fit Body will follow…

Argh! What are we meant to be? Skinny one minute, then ‘ripped’ the next. What’s with all this emphasis on body image? Now, more than ever, this focus on our looks is getting in the way of us being healthy, confident and happy. We’ve seen some wonderful campaigns like #thisgirlcan and now #bereal, all of… Read more »

Why #bodyfixin6 worked for these clients

If you feel sluggish, lacking in energy and a little heavy then #bodyfixin6 could be your solution to help you become and stronger, leaner and happier you. If you’re relatively new to fitness or perhaps have been regularly exercising but not getting the right results then #bodyfix is your solution. Over 6 weeks you’ll have… Read more »

Happy Xcess! Here’s to a Happy New You…

Have you lived life and now you’re full? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Use this guilt and turn it into enthusiasm to become a leaner, healthier and happier you for 2018 and beyond. Getting fit and healthy is so much more than joining the gym, giving up booze or taking on the latest fad-diet… Read more »

From ‘mindless’ to ‘mindful’…

I received the above text from Charlotte, a client I’ve been training for a few months. Her goal? To lose 4 stone and get fit. She lost 2 stone (yay!) but then, unfortunately, illness and work stress took hold and she plateaued. So, we decided to take action and kick-start 2017 with this being her… Read more »

Jenny’s fitness journey with me!

Since September I’ve been training Jenny and prepping her for the London Marathon. She wrote this about her personal training experience with me. Like training all my clients this has been a pleasure and I’m looking forward to seeing how she progresses over the next few months. Jenny’s words… ‘Next year is a big year… Read more »

Food to fuel your muscle…

I realised a few months ago that I don’t consume enough protein in my diet. When you reach the ripe young age of errrrr 40+ and you exercise a lot (which I do), protein is essential component to help with muscle strength and repair. However upping meat and fish consumption can be somewhat sickly especially… Read more »

Spinning for breakfast? Hell yeah!

I appreciate the thought of getting out of bed in the dark, at the ungodly hour of 6am and heading to a spinning class on an empty stomach might seem unthinkable. For the last few weeks I have been doing just that, including a 20 minute bike ride to get to the studio. I’m not… Read more »

Time for Stopober – My top tips!

A few of my friends and clients are doing ‘Stoptober’ in preparation for the festive period. In some cases this means no booze whilst for others it’s to stop smoking. I’d like to suggest that October is the month for us to all adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle so that you head into the… Read more »

Count chemicals, not calories! Introducing nutritionist Gus Grima

Woo hoo! It’s summer! Time to don the summer attire. Does this prospect fill you with dread? It needn’t. This month, we have partnered up with Gus Grima, Nutritionist at Be Marvellous based in Tooting with some proven tips that you can incorporate, alongside your Get F-Hiit for Summer fitness routine that will have you… Read more »