Our mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals and kick-start your ‘fit attitude’. And if you already know how good being fit makes you feel, we’re here to push you further.

Why WAFA  

Sometimes, how we feel about ourselves emotionally can get in the way of what we see physically. A lack of self-worth can prevent us from realising our full potential.

At WAFA (We Are Fit Attitude), we firmly believe we can change this negative mind-set through exercise. We’ll show you, fitness is not just about improving body image – it’s also the key to feeling happier and more positive.

Our mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals and kick-start your ‘fit attitude’. And if you already know how good regular exercise makes you feel, we are here to push you further!

Anna, Founder & Trainer

Over ten years ago now, I suffered a slipped disc in my neck. For weeks, I was stuck on the sofa. In that time, I gained weight, lost my confidence and hit an all-time low. I promised myself, that once I’d recovered, I would get back into shape and fit enough to enter a triathlon.

Several triathlons later, and many hours in the gym; I have switched careers to become a personal trainer and Spinning® instructor. Regular exercise has given me a ‘fit-attitude’ helping me achieve far more than I had imagined.

My ambition is to help you feel more confident, energised, motivated and fit!



Our partners have been carefully selected to complement a healthier, fitter lifestyle. WAFA does not earn any commission through them – you can be sure they have been chosen on their merits.




Based at The Moving Body in Balham, I am a structural osteopath who combines two decades of experience as a manual therapist and personal trainer to provide a unique approach to treating pain and injury, restoring full movement and getting my patients back to full health and fitness as fast as possible. Meet Barry here.



Sports Massage

My therapy treatments are designed to provide healing and preventative measures to maintain your well-being and increase your performance levels. As an amateur athlete myself, I understand the importance of wanting to continue with training & competition. Regular massages focus on healing injuries, increasing mobility and range of motion. Use code ‘WAFA’ and pay £30 for your first massage. Contact Rebecca.




Richard Lepper, qualified hypnotherapist, helps people overcome negative thinking patterns. Hypnotherapy can complement an exercise regime, especially when low self-esteem is an issue. Contact Richard to find out more.

Gud Grima_1

Gus Grima

Functional Health

I help busy women, double their energy, lose belly bloat and balance their hormones so that they can be free of mood swings, feel more positive and confident – and fit in their clothes better. All this, without feeling confused around food or depriving themselves of fun. Contact Gus to book a free 1 hour Body and Energy Discovery Session here.

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Funky Moves

Street Dance

Funky Moves are London’s premier Street Dance company, providing cool, current
and unique dance experiences to all ages. Their classes develop strength, fitness, co-ordination, creativity and confidence, whilst having heaps of FUN! They pride themselves on being a happy, healthy company with an infectious passion for sharing street dance with everyone. Join their class at Tooting Bec Athletics Track, 09:15. Come and join the Funky Family.

Rebecca Enderby

Rebecca Enderby

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Rebecca has practiced yoga for just over 10 years and truly believes it to be a transformative practice for both body and mind and is always excited to introduce yoga to new students. Rebecca’s yoga style is a strong, dynamic flow, rooted in traditional philosophical teachings from India; Power Vinyasa will build strength and flexibility, whilst leaving you feeling grounded and centred. Contact Rebecca to find out more.




Allison Sheppard is a registered naturopath and nutrigenomics practitioner. Genetic testing reveals the basis of your biochemistry. Based on test results, specific exercise and nutritional recommendations are given that support genetic variations impacting weight, metabolism and the ability to store and burn fat, making testing an ideal tool in any weight loss programme. Contact Allison.