Overnight Ginger, Apple and Blueberry Oats Recipe

There are some nutritionists I love to follow especially those close to me in Tooting. Alex who is Founder of Nutrition For Life is no exception. She creates fantastic healthy recipes and I draw inspiration from her ingredients. Today’s overnight oats are no exception. I was sold on shredded apple and then added in a… Read more »

Frozen Banana, Cherry and Date Surprise Recipe

We all know what it’s like to have a sweet craving and when it’s summer you can’t beat an ice-cream! However we also know this is loaded with sugar and very little in the way of any nutrients so I’ve solved this problem with this frozen dessert. There’s still sugar in the fruits however at… Read more »

Deep Red Delicious Mess Recipe

A beautiful deep red load of delicious mess courtesy of raw beetroot and all with a subtle spicy kick thanks to a little harissa paste. If you are gluten intolerant then substitute the couscous for quinoa. Or don’t add either at all. You can also use any peas or beans. It doesn’t have to be… Read more »

Sorghum And Courgette Salad Recipe

I discovered sorghum upon visiting my local independent supermarket in Tooting. It turns out that it is a seed and packed with protein. It’s got a real nutty flavour and extremely filling. I made this salad to mix into a large mixed salad I had made to add a little bulk. Have between 4-6 tablespoons… Read more »

Minty-Beet ‘n’ Pea Balls

Ingredients: • 120g garden peas (cooked and mushed with a fork) • 1 x tin chick peas (mushed with a fork) • 150g beetroot (finely grated) • 1 x medium onion (finely chopped) • 12g fresh mint (finely chopped) • 1 x large egg • 1 x tbsp psyllium husk • 1 tsp garlic powder… Read more »

Minty Lamb and Chickpea Balls Recipe

These little lamb balls were so good even Rocco (the dog) was salivating (mind you there’s not much he won’t hoover). Two lamb balls are plenty to have wrapped in wholewheat tortilla with salad, houmous and greek yogurt. If you’d rather avoid the tortilla, then how about using savoy cabbage as a wrap instead. Simply… Read more »

Wild Garlic and Pea Pesto

When in season (March to June), wild garlic is fantastic and best of all free so get yourself to the country and start picking! This pesto is particularly good mixed in with courgetti and with a sprinkling of peas. I used heaped tablespoon for my portion. Makes about 7 servings Ingredients: • 200g wild garlic… Read more »

Wild Garlic and Pea Soup Recipe

In May it’s wild garlic time and whilst it’s hard to find in the supermarkets, when you head out into the country it can be found in abundance. So whilst I spent my bank holiday in Wales, I had the time to pick a bag of wild garlic and made this scrumptious soup. Ingredients: •… Read more »

Mushroom or Beef Chilli-Con-Carne Recipes

Mushroom Chilli-con-Carne I made this whilst getting ready for work. To prep took the same time as boiling my egg ie. 5 mins and then I allowed 25 mins of slow cooking whilst I had my shower. Basically I am labouring the point that this is super quick and easy. I’ve used exactly the same… Read more »