Fit Attitude first and the Fit Body will follow…

Argh! What are we meant to be? Skinny one minute, then ‘ripped’ the next. What’s with all this emphasis on body image? Now, more than ever, this focus on our looks is getting in the way of us being healthy, confident and happy. We’ve seen some wonderful campaigns like #thisgirlcan and now #bereal, all of… Read more »

Chilli Beet-Berry and Feta Dip

I wasn’t sure if this would work by adding strawberries but it does! It adds a lovely sweetness to the dip and is perfect with a load of veg cruidites. This recipe makes a massive load, great for a party or BBQ with friends and family. I also used the jalapeno peppers you buy in… Read more »

Spicy Bean or Pork or Turkey Burger Recipe

I’ve mentioned this before however whilst I have moved more towards plant-based protein sources, my hubby hasn’t so my aim now is to make a veggy and meat option using pretty much the same ingredients as much as possible whilst substituting the meat for veggy and vice versa. These burgers were absolutely delicious and perfect… Read more »

Chocolate Ginger Bake Recipe

This is a great snack to have post workout – even the dog wanted it. It’s all natural and gives a good balance of carbs, fats and protein. I used cacao powder so the bake has quite a bitterness to it which I love because I adore dark chocolate. If you’re less keen then halve… Read more »

His & hers beefy or veggie bolognese recipe

This is Bolognese with a difference as I have used a red pepper and tomato sauce that was pre-prepared (time taken to prep is less than making a smoothie). I made a his and hers as my hubbie is craving beef more than I am so for the veggie the main protein source is soya… Read more »