Prawn, salmon & tomato spaghetti recipe

Published: 3rd May 2017

This is my week where I share the simplest recipes using my ‘Mum’s tomato sauce‘ as a base. On the proviso you’ve made a massive batch of the sauce and it’s been frozen, all these recipes will take very little time to rustle up. This fishy bonanza is great meal to have for dinner. If I am having this after a workout or spinning, then I like to have half courgetti and half gluten free pasta to replenish my glycogen; the energy stored in our muscles.

If you’re eating this on a non-training day, then I would opt to take out the spaghetti and stick with the courgetti – blimey any more ‘ettis’ to add 🙂

This recipe was literally knocked up in about 10 mins, unless you’re using pasta which takes a little longer to cook and you’ve yet to make tomato sauce.


Mum’s tomato sauce
• Giant cooked prawns
• Salmon steak (optional)
• One tsp coconut oil (only if you are having the salmon)
• Courgette (spiralised into spaghetti)
• Cooked spaghetti (optional – best post-workout)
• Pepper

Optional extras:
• Paprika to sprinkle over the salmon
• Chilli if you want to spice the sauce up

How to make the dish without salmon and spaghetti:
1. Spiralise your courgette to become courgetti
2. Add coconut oil into a frying pan and cook prawns. If raw make sure they are cooked through!
3. Add Mum’s tomato sauce and heat until it is starting to bubble.
4. In a separate pan, add in your courgetti and let it start to heat through, stirring as you do.
5. Once it starts to sizzle, quickly add in your prawn and sauce mix, Stir the sauce quickly through the courgette so that the whole mix is hot. If you’ve not added spaghetti, don’t be surprised if the food is a little watery from the courgetti.
6. Serve!

If you are adding spaghetti:
Cook this before and add this in with the courgetti at point 4.

If you adding a salmon steak:
Before adding the prawns in point 2, season and cook the salmon steaks. you simply place in the pan, cover for a few minutes, then turnover and do the same on the other side. Once cooked, remove and place on the side
Once you have served up the prawns, courgetti and sauce, place the salmon on top.