Jenny’s fitness journey with me!

Published: 25th November 2016

Since September I’ve been training Jenny and prepping her for the London Marathon.

She wrote this about her personal training experience with me. Like training all my clients this has been a pleasure and I’m looking forward to seeing how she progresses over the next few months.

Jenny’s words… ‘Next year is a big year for me fitness wise, as I am doing the London Marathon so for the last two months I’ve been working out with Tooting based personal trainer Anna Mackay, We Are Fit Attitude.

Since September we’ve met pretty much every Monday morning at Tooting Bec Athletics Track at 10:15am and Anna has been nothing but positive about the challenges ahead.

I must say, the thought of having a personal trainer was very daunting. I love to eat out with my favourites being burgers, pizza and of course a Tooting curry. I also like a beer or two in the local Tooting pubs, basically a typical 33 year old single Londoners life. With my previous experiences of PT’s being strict and negative towards the kind of lifestyle I live, I wasn’t sure how we’d get on.
But I didn’t need to worry. Anna made me feel at ease from the start, she made it clear that she’s wasn’t going to make me cut all those things out, but obviously think about what I’m doing to my body and to do things in moderation. She told me that you have to enjoy your life however remember to keep it balanced. I instantly knew we were going to get along.


Before we even met, we went through a lifestyle questionnaire and set some goals; ‘get me through the marathon injury free please!’

I had to defer London Marathon 2016 due to a knee injury so it’s really important I keep my body free from any more injuries and pain. As I’m running the marathon for charity, The MS Society UK and for my mum who sadly suffers from this horrible disease, I really want to finish it and do my best to make her and my family proud.

Anna explained that a common problem for novice marathon runners like me is the sole focus is on building up the stamina to do a 26.2 mile run! No surprises there! What tends to get forgotten however is the importance of building muscle strength with very specific exercises to support the running training. Anna suggested that the lack of strength work last year was a likely cause of my knee injury.


Anna started the first session with checking my blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and assessed my overall fitness. She created a specific workout that would focus on strength exercises to aid my running. I had access to ‘We Are Fit Attitude’ fitness app’ for my phone too. This has allowed me to exercise alone and with the help of the demonstrations, ensure I do them properly. Via the app, I can also track what I eat so that I stay within my calorie range and stick to a balanced diet by giving a percentage of carbs, fats and proteins I am consuming.

With a few more sessions to go, I am feeling positive (or as Anna likes to say I now have a ‘fit attitude’) and my body feels physically stronger to cope with the increased workload as the marathon training ramps up. I now understand the importance of incorporating at least one strength session a week alongside my running programme.

I really enjoy meeting up with Anna each Monday, it’s a great way to start my week and she always puts a smile on my face, even when I’m absolutely shattered.

Bring on more winter training and bring on 23rd April 2017!

Thank you Anna, you have been truly amazing!’