Go for HIIT!

This month, we’d like to talk all about High Intensity Interval Training, a process where you take yourself out of your comfort zone and push yourself to a point where the heart races and the muscles burn. It hurts and it’s tiring, we know (we do it ourselves when training) – but whilst it might… Read more »

A special bond: client and personal trainer

Having started We Are Fit Attitude less than a year ago, for me as Founder, taking the decision to become a personal trainer has proven to be one of the most rewarding occupations. On the days I am training clients (I have two other jobs while the company grows), I wake up on those days… Read more »

Forming healthy partnerships locally

As We Are Fit Attitude continues to grow in south-west London, our philosophy is about leading a healthy life without having to compromise too much on everyday living. After all we are lucky enough to be blessed with thriving communities where food is diverse and rich in variety. What’s not to love about exploring the… Read more »